The Knife-Tech Story

Knife-Tech was born out of a need for a quality mobile knife sharpening service where speed was not a necessity, only quality. Knife-Tech’s owner and operator Richard has always had a passion for sharp knives. This passion was formed while working in, and owning cafe’s and restaurants around the globe. As an avid chef himself, he has always sought after quality knives and strived to keep them sharp and in excellent shape. After buying his first Japanese Damascus knife he soon found he had to sharpen it. He employed the services of a mobile sharpener and was later shocked when he found out that the methods they used could have ruined his knife. He set out and learnt about the ways to keep it sharp himself with Japanese water stones and a passion was born.

Richard asked himself –

 How sharp could he get his knives?

What was the best way to sharpen them?

What are the different types of steels that modern knives are forged from?

What are the different types of steels that modern knives are forged from?

From here he started sharpening his friends and families’ knives. He did a knife forging course. He was hooked. Knife-Tech was born.

Richard turned his attention to setting up a knife sharpening business in Sydney, Australia. Using the most modern techniques and equipment to ensure that your valuable knives, tools, and scissors are sharpened to professional standards, with a process that would not damage the future performance of the steel.

Making your knives as sharp as possible and performing to their optimal ability is Richard’s passion.